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About ESSKA Fellowships
Fellowships form an important part of ESSKA’s educational work.
They are mostly intended for young surgeons, improving their skills by placing them in the best teaching centres,

and under the best practitioners. Several fellowships, however, are designed for experienced surgeons.

ESSKA sincerely appreciates the sponsors' sponsorship of the scientific programme, travel and accommodation for the  fellowships and the host teaching centres for their sponsorship of the social programmes. 

Please read the following, to determine the best fellowship(s) for your needs.

You are welcome to apply for more than one fellowship.

    ESSKA-AOSSM DJO Travelling Fellowship CLOSED

ESSKA-APKASS DJO Travelling Fellowship


ESSKA-SLARD S&N Travelling Fellowship


ESSKA Stipend for the European Arthroscopy Fellowship


ESSKA-EKA TORNIER Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship


ESSKA S&N International Arthroscopy Fellowship


ESSKA ALWIN JAGER Senior Fellowship


ESSKA-Chelsea FC Sports Trauma Fellowship

    ESSKA DePuy Knee and Shoulder Continuum of Care Fellowship  CLOSED

ESSKA-EKA European Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship


ESSKA MITEK Sports Medicine Fellowship


ESSKA-AFAS Pau Golanó Research Fellowship


ESSKA Arthrex Osteotomy Fellowship

    ESSKA Arthrex Sports Medicine Fellowship  CLOSED
    ESSKA Zimmer Biomet Sports Medicine Fellowship  CLOSED
    ESSKA-ESA Philippe Hardy Travelling Fellowship  CLOSED


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Support us

The ESSKA Foundation supports ESSKA education and both national and international research projects in the field of orthopaedic and sports medicine and surgery.