Message from the EKA Chairman



Michael Hirschmann
ESSKA-EKA Chairman 2020-2022

EKA is the European expert group of knee surgeons within ESSKA, which focuses on the treatment of all aspects of degenerative knees. Degenerative knee surgery is our passion!
It is my great pleasure and privilege to chair the ESSKA-EKA Board for the upcoming two years and serve all EKA members in the aim to develop and move the degenerative knee Section of ESSKA forward.

First, I would like to thank the previous EKA Chairman, Nanne Kort and the previous Board members for their fantastic work and leadership.

During the last years EKA has been established as ESSKA’s educational brand covering all aspects of joint-preservation and joint-replacement for degenerative knees. With the new EKA Board members we have put together a fantastic dream-team, which will bring EKA forward into a bright future.

ESSKA-EKA 2020-2022 Board:
Chairman: Michael T. Hirschmann (Switzerland)
Past Chairman: Nanne Kort (The Netherlands)
Vice-Chairman: Reha Tandogan (Turkey)
Secretary: Bruno Violante (Italy)
Industry Relation: Daniel Günther (Germany)
Education: Enrique Gomez Barrena (Spain), Geert Mermans (Belgium)
Membership: Octav Russu (Romania)
Research/Focus Groups Coordinator: Rene el Attal (Austria), Antonia Chen (USA)
Osteotomy: Michael Liebensteiner (Austria), Steffen Schröter (Germany)
Fellowship: Guillaume Demey (France), Pawel Skowronek (Poland)
Social Media Content: Riccardo Compagnoni (Italy), Trifon Totlis (Greece)
International Societies Ambassador: Pier Indelli (USA)

Board at large:
Michael Clarius (Germany), Alfredo Schiavone Panni (Italy), Simon Donell (UK), Oliver Kessler (Switzerland), José Filipe Salreta (Portugal), Daniel Perez Prieto (Spain)

EKA has established a continuing basic course programme for osteotomy and total knee arthroplasty and we will now extend this to advanced degenerative knee surgery. EKA plans for specialised courses such as revision TKA or personalized knee arthroplasty.

We have a travelling fellowship programme across knee centres in Europe. This fellowship will be expanded and become a mentorship programme for EKA members.

EKA has established scientific focus groups, leading the scientific research in various aspects of degenerative knee surgery, such as osteotomy, femoral and tibial component orientation or fast track knee surgery. These focus groups have published numerous consensus or expert group articles in KSSTA and JEO - journals of ESSKA. We will introduce new focus groups on hot topics of our field such as personalized total knee arthroplasty, small implants or infection, early OA, digital orthopaedics and revision TKA. It is our aim to extend the consensus article publications in KSSTA and JEO even further.

EKA has a social media task force who takes care of our regular newsletter “In touch with EKA”, which will help us to get in contact with the outside world as well as facilitate communication with our members. In this sense, we will run our regular Board meetings digitally.

EKA will build on the already established collaboration with the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) and European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT).

Taking part in our activities is a great opportunity to get an update on latest developments in degenerative knee surgery, meet old and make new friends at great scientific and practical meetings. It offers the chance to interact with world-class international knee experts under the umbrella of respect and friendship.

Come and join this unique professional, scientific and social Section of ESSKA, which specialises on all aspects of degenerative knee surgery.