Ankle & Foot Associates

EKA Speciality Days 2019

The EKA programme focused on the topic "Current Concepts for the Degenerative Knee - Alignment"

Programme Highlights

  • Which alignment should we achieve depending in medial compartment OA?
  • What is a normal alignment – real impact of the knee phenotype concept?
  • How can robotics make a perfect alignment possible?

Highlight Speakers

  • Matt Dawson, United Kingdom
  • Enrique Gomez Barrena, Spain
  • Pedro Hinarejos, Spain
  • Michael T. Hirschmann, Switzerland
  • Nanne Kort, The Netherlands


Listen to our ESSKA-EKA Section Chairman 2018-2020 Dr Nanne Kort talk about EKA and the EKA Programme at ESSKA Speciality Days 2019!

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