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EKA articles published in the September 2019 newsletter!
24 September 2019

You can read two articles by EKA published in the September 2019 ESSKA newsletter:

Apply now for the 2019 EKA European Knee Travelling Fellowship
27 June 2019

You can now apply for the ESSKA-EKA European Knee Travelling Fellowship 2019

  • The Fellowship covers travel, accommodation, meals and minor expenses.
  • It is organised and sponsored by EKA and the selection is made by EKA.
  • This Fellowship will enhance the skills of young orthopaedic surgeons, those who are already training on knee arthroplasty.
  • The selected Fellows will visit six teaching centres, over a period of four weeks.
  • The Programme covers various aspects of Degenerative Knee treatment and Knee Arthroplasty, such as Osteotomy, UKA, TKA, Bi-compartmental Arthroplasty, Septic and Aseptic Revision, Reconstructive Arthroplasty for Trauma, and so on.

𝗔𝗣𝗣𝗟𝗬 𝗡𝗢𝗪! Deadline: 26 July 2019

TKA articles published in the June 2019 newsletter!
26 June 2019

You can read several articles on TKA published in the June 2019 ESSKA newsletter:

EKA updated article on Patellar & Quadriceps Tendon Discruptions After TKA.
25 March 2019

The March 2019 ESSKA e-newsletter contains our updated article on Patellar & Quadriceps Tendon Discruptions After TKA. This article can be found on pages 16-19. The newsletter is now available on the ESSKA website under Publications / ESSKA Newsletter.

You can view this article in a user-friendly online version as well as the traditional PDF version which can be downloaded to read offline.

ESSKA-EKA is now on Facebook.
28 February 2019

In an effort for members to become even more engaged with their specific professional community, the Section of ESSKA - EKA has just launched their own Facebook page.

Be sure to like, follow and comment!

Early bird registration for ESSKA Speciality Days is open.
04 February 2019

ESSKA Members and Section members can save up to 60% when registering now for the upcoming ESSKA Speciality Days.

EKA Closed Meeting to be held 22-23 March 2019 in Lyon
28 January 2019

ESSKA-EKA will host its next Closed Meeting in Lyon, France on 22-23 March 2019.

The main topic of the meeting is Metal in Knee Arthroplasty.

Call for abstracts: All submissions need to be sent to eka@esska.org no later than 15 February 2019.

Complete details about the meeting are available here.

This event is only open to ESSKA-EKA members.

Update on ESSKA Speciality Days
22 November 2018

The “ESSKA Speciality Days” website is now live where you can view all the latest information on this forthcoming event.

View the scientific programme overview here and view the EKA section programme here.

EKA's Closed Meeting was a success!
23 October 2018

Every second year EKA members meet, somewhere in Europe, to discuss the current concerns of Degenerative Knee, as well as socialise. On 19-20 October 2018, the members attended the meeting in the ancient (Phoenician) city of Naples.

Not only did they focus on two hot topics from knee arthoplasty, they also had time to cover other matters in a friendly and truly scientific atmosphere. A considerable number of free-paper presentations were given, by both expert and junior EKA members.

Save the Date: ESSKA Speciality Days to be held 8-9 November 2019
15 March 2018

In 2019 ESSKA is launching a brand new meeting concept “ESSKA Speciality Days”. This exciting new format will bring together the four specialist Sections of ESSKA (AFAS – Ankle and Foot Associates, EKA – European Knee Associates, ESA – European Shoulder Associates and ESMA – European Sports Medicine Associates) and will take place on 8-9 November 2019 in Madrid.

This meeting will offer a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario: There will be four distinct scientific programmes for each Section, there will be zoned areas for networking within the Specialist Sections yet there will be a joint Industry exhibition and many opportunities for networking and educational exchange with your peers from all the Specialist groups.

View the programme overview here. More information will be available in due course.

Mark your calendars now for 8-9 November 2019!

Registration open for ESSKA-EKA Basic Knee Arthroplasty Course
07 February 2018

Click here for more information and details to register.

EKA Closed Meeting 2018
02 February 2018

The 2018 EKA Closed Meeting will be held on 19-20 October 2018 in Naples, Italy.

Complete details are available under Activities & Projects/EKA Closed Meeting

ESSKA-EKA's 4th Open Meeting: Innovation in Degenerative Knee Surgery
31 October 2017

EKA’s 4th Open Meeting was held in Berlin, close to the Brandenburg Gate, on 13-14 October 2017. A large international faculty from Europe and America met with orthopaedic surgeons from all over Europe, to discuss the latest innovations in degenerative knee surgery.

The treatment of degenerative knee pathologies is one of the most important topics in orthopaedics, as the number of surgical procedures continuously increases worldwide. There are two main reasons behind this.

Demographic studies have shown that life-expectancy is significantly increasing, so the fraction of elderly people is growing. In Germany, for instance, the fraction over 65 was 15% in 1990 but will rise to 26% by 2030. People are getting older, but they like to keep mobile. The effects of osteoarthritis of the knee - that loss of daily activity - is no longer acceptable. Hence, the significant increase in knee surgeries.

Innovations for degenerative knee surgery have been introduced these last two decades, such as computer-assisted surgery, navigation and - most recently - robotic technology.

But it has also been shown that procedures such as osteotomy or joint arthroplasty require a more individual approach. Patient-specific instrumentation (PSI) helps to respect individual anatomy. Numerous studies have shown that the placement of components can be improved by reducing the outlier in lower limb alignment and component placement. PSI has not significantly improved clinical outcome. However, technological innovation in orthopaedic surgery should not be solely judged by improvement in clinical outcome. Increases in efficiency, such as the OR set-up and better patients’ pathways during their treatment, are also worthwhile and also open to innovation.

Digitalisation in orthopaedic surgery seems to be the future. So it was hardly surprising that EKA’s Berlin Open Meeting was devoted to new innovations in degenerative knee surgery, with extensive discussion on using PSI and robotics for osteotomies and knee arthroplasty.

Such new technologies should be constantly reassessed and discussed. Meetings such as EKA’s Open Meeting provide the perfect platform to critically discuss the pros and cons of such innovations with other colleagues around the world.

The meeting started on Friday morning with Roland Becker, Nanne Kort, Michael T. Hirschmann and Ronald van Heerwarden opening the meeting and giving a warm welcome to the participants and the ESSKA President Romain Seil. Then after a brief history of osteotomy and two sessions about osteotomy around the knee where the focus was on novel techniques to aid osteotomy surgery such as PSI. The numerous participants agreed that novel techniques such as navigation or PSI are requisite for precision, while adjusting the lower leg alignment.

Interesting debates about CR and PS design, whether the patella should be resurfaced or not and what alignment should be considered were held in the afternoon between surgeons from Europe and the United States. These discussions clearly showed how much we can still learn from each other. It was clear that the European and US perspective on TKA are often different, but we face the same socioeconomic challenges and problems. Pier Francesco Indelli, Brian Parsley, Antonia Chen and Gregory Golladay member of the AAHKS (the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons) participated actively in the EKA Open Meeting. EKA will be the official partner society for the AAHKS meeting 2020.

Another session was organised by the German Knee Society (DKG) and dealt with instability after TKA. The session was organized by Prof. Matziolis from Eisenberg, Germany.

In conclusion, the EKA Open Meeting in Berlin was a great success and a good basis to build on in future. We look forward to seeing you again at our next meetings.

Click here to view the final programme from the meeting.

A collection of pictures from the event are available in the Photo Gallery.

Members of EKA and AAHKS (from left to right): Michael Liebensteiner (Austria), Roland Becker (Germany), Brian Hamlin (Pittsburgh, USA), Gregory Golladay (Richmond, USA), Brian Parsley (Housten USA), Nanne Kort (Maastricht, Netherlands), Pawel Skowronek (Krakow, Poland)

EKA Board Members with the EKA-Osteotomy Focus Group

13-14 October: ESSKA-EKA Open Meeting
15 February 2017

The ESSKA-EKA Open Meeting "Innovation in degenerative knee surgery" will be held on 13-14 October 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Complete details are available on: www.degenerative-knee.org

Apply now for the ESSKA-EKA Travelling Fellowship 2017
02 February 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 ESSKA-EKA European Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship.

Go to www.esska.org/event/EKATravellingFellowship to apply!

Programme dates: 20 September – 14 October 2017 (including participation in the ESSKA-EKA Open Meeting on 13-14 October in Berlin, Germany)

Application deadline: 1 May 2017

Number of positions: 3

Selected Fellows will have the opportunity of visiting seven teaching centres over a period of nearly four weeks.

The programme covers various aspects of Degenerative Knee treatment and Knee Arthroplasty, such as Osteotomy, UKA, TKA, Bi-compartmental Arthroplasty, Septic and Aseptic Revision, Reconstructive Arthroplasty for Trauma, etc.

The Fellowship covers all cost. 

For more information please contact Anna Hansen Rak at the ESSKA Office: eka@esska.org.

Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!