EKA Fellowships

ESSKA-EKA European Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship

This Fellowship will enhance the skills of young orthopaedic surgeons, those who are already training on knee arthroplasty.

The selected Fellows visit six to eight teaching centres, over a period of three to four weeks.
They cover various aspects of Degenerative Knee treatment and Knee Arthroplasty, such as Osteotomy,
UKA, TKA, Bi-compartmental Arthroplasty, Septic and Aseptic Revision, Reconstructive Arthroplasty for Trauma, and so on.

The Fellowship covers travel, accommodation, meals and minor expenses.

It is organised and sponsored by EKA, (a section of ESSKA), and the selection is made by EKA.

There are 3-4 positions available every year.

Past Fellowships

2018 EKA Travelling Fellowship - 30 September - 20 October 2018

The programme included participation in the EKA Closed Meeting, 19 -20 October 2018 in Naples, Italy.

Centres visited:
-Spain: Barcelona
-Germany: Bad Kreuznach & Homburg
-Poland: Krakow
-Austria: Innsbruck
-Italy: Milan

 2017 EKA Travelling Fellowship - 20 September - 14 October 2017

The programme included participation in the EKA Open Meeting "Innovation in degenerative knee surgery", 13 -14 October 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Centres visited:
- Host: Nanne Kort and Ronald van Heerwaarden - The Netherlands: Mill & Sittard-Geleen
- Hosts: Michael Hirschmann and Geert Pagenstertwitzerland - Switzerland: Basel & Bruderholz
- Host: Enrique Gomez Barrena - Spain: Madrid
- Host: Matteo Marullo - Italy: Milan
- Hosts: David Dejour, Elvire Servien, Guillaume Demey - France: Lyon
- Host: Pawel Skowronek - Poland: Krakow
- Hosts: Henning Windhagen, Max Ettinger, Tilman Calliess and Roland Becker - Germany:  Hannover & Brandenburg

2016 ESSKA-EKA European Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship
11 April - 04 May 2016
Centres visited:
- Host: Steffen Schröter - Tübingen, Germany
- Host: Sandro Kohl - Bern, Switzerland
- Host: Peter Koch - Winterthur, Switzerland
- Hosts: David Dejour, Michael Bonnin, Guillaume Demey - Lyon, France
- Hosts: Norberto Confalonieri, Alessio Biazzo - Milan, Italy
- Host: Bruno Violante - Monza, Italy
- Hosts: Pedro Hinajeros, Joan Carlos Monllau - Barcelona, Spain

2015 ESSKA-EKA European Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship
11 September - 11 October 2015
Centres visited:
-Host: Nanne Kort - Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands
-Host: Roland Becker - Brandenburg, Germany
-Host: Hermann Mayr - Munich, Germany
-Host: Sandro Kohl - Bern, Switzerland
-Host: Stefano Zaffagnini - Bologne, Italy
-Hosts: David Dejour and Michael Bonin - Lyon, France