2016 Cycle for Science

2016 Cycle for Science Tour (Amsterdam to Barcelona)

The tour consisted of six stages in four countries combined with four scientific symposia. The route included two classic “Tour de France-climbs” — the Alpe d’Huez and the Mont Ventoux.


A few statistics:
Kilometres: 893
Number of stages: Six stages and a prologue
Number of participants: 60
Number of punctures: 36
Number of crashes: 16
Raised for ESSKA Foundation: EUR 58,000
Number of injuries: thankfully none, except for bruises and scratches

What did this first Tour achieve?

Prof. van Dijk continued: "The overall aim of the cycling was to raise money for the ESSKA Foundation, which supports research in orthopaedic sports medicine, emphasising prevention. To this end the symposia, the charity dinners and the auctions were all ancillary. All the cycling-surgeons have their own patients, sometimes world famous athletes and they asked them for autographed items, which were then auctioned. I myself obtained a jersey autographed by Messi, which I’ll hang in my office, next to Ronaldo’s jersey!"

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