ESSKA-AFAS brings together the key figures in sports-related ankle and foot pathology, with a special focus on arthroscopy. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • create the best environment for research
  • ensure that discoveries and best-techniques are disseminated
  • improve the profile of sports-related ankle and foot practitioners
  • enforce professional standards, thus ensuring the best care for patients with sports-related ankle and foot injuries

Board 2020-2022

Chairman: Daniël Haverkamp (The Netherlands)
Past Chairman: James Calder (United Kingdom)
Vice-Chairman: Christopher Pearce (Singapore)
Secretary: Pietro Spennachio (Italy)
Communication: Joao Vide (Portugal)
Educational Secretary: Ákos Kynsburg (Austria)
Research: Francesca Vannini (Italy)

Board members:
Christiaan van Bergen (United Kingdom)
Mike Carmont (The Netherlands)
Stephane Guillo (France)


Ankle and Foot Associates (AFAS), a Section of ESSKA, was established in 2010.

2020-2022 Chairman Daniël Haverkamp (The Netherlands)
2018-2020 Chairman – James Calder (United Kingdom)
2016-2018 Chairman – Hélder Pereira (Portugal)
2010-2016 Chairman – Niek van Dijk (The Netherlands)

Message from the Chairman - Coming Soon!