AFAS Speciality Days 2021

After the great success of the first edition in Madrid in 2019, we are excited to reconvene the four specialist Sections of ESSKA (AFAS – Ankle and Foot Associates, EKA – European Knee Associates, ESA – European Shoulder Associates and ESMA – European Sports Medicine Associates) to present their four distinct scientific programmes all under one roof!

In addition to the four scientific programmes, we will once again host a top quality Industry exhibition that will form the backdrop to the riveting and exciting ‘Hot Topic Debates’. These unique interactive sessions will bring together representatives from our Industry partners and members of our faculty to debate two opposing ideas and it YOU, the audience who will decide who has the winning argument. Fun, fast and informative, these vibrant debates are without doubt, one of the highlights of the Speciality Days.

The AFAS programme will focus on the topic "Sports related injuries in foot and ankle - optimising management of tendon, cartilage and ligament injuries"

Scientific Programme Chairs
Daniel Haverkamp, The Netherlands
Chris Pearce, Singapore
Pietro Spennacchio, Luxembourg
Piotr Badylak, Poland

Past Speciality Days Events

Madrid 2019