ESSKA Milan Congress Postponed to 11-14 May 2021
01 April 2020

Due to Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: In light of the ongoing uncertain situation regarding COVID-19, the ESSKA Milan Congress is postponed to 11 May (Tuesday) - 14 May (Friday) 2021.

This decision has been made to protect the health and well-being of our delegates, partners, faculty and staff. It is also based on current WHO advice and government information regarding travel and social distancing. The Congress website will be updated in the coming days to reflect the details of the rescheduled dates.

If you are an existing registered delegate, have booked a hotel room from the official Congress accommodation service, are a faculty member, are a successful abstract submitter, or are an exhibitor/sponsor, we will be communicating with you directly in due course.

There is no need to contact us; we will contact you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We would also like to extend our sympathies and express our solidarity with those of you who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud of the work of our colleagues and friends who are on the front lines in response to this pandemic.

We look forward to seeing you in Milan, 11-14 May 2021.

Read the latest AFAS news in the ESSKA December 2019 Newsletter
16 December 2019

In the December 2019 ESSKA newsletter you can read the latest news from AFAS including highlights from Speciality Days.

Image from the first ever ESSKA Speciality Days.
11 December 2019

Go to the ESSKA website image library to see pictures from the first ever ESSKA Speciality Days that was held 8-9 November 2019 in Madrid.

See for yourself just how awesome the event was!

AFAS report September 2019.
24 September 2019

In the September 2019 ESSKA newsletter you can read the latest AFAS report with all the latest news and information.

ESSKA-AFAS: Run to Milan!
12 August 2019

One of the AFAS members has come up with an idea for those who may wish for an alternative to the lycra-clad members Cycling for Science from Glasgow to Milan. You can now “RUN FOR SCIENCE” from Glasgow to Milan via a free App.  Simply sign-up and then link your profile to the ESSKA-AFAS challenge.

It’s a bit of fun and there is a prize for the winner and also the most km run between now and the ESSKA Congress!! Whilst writing this AFAS Vice-Chairman Daniël Haverkamp is in the lead - but not for long……..

ESSKA Section Chairman James Calder is also on his way!

AFAS report June 2019.
26 June 2019

In the June 2019 ESSKA newsletter you can read the latest AFAS report with all the latest news and information.

ESSKA-AFAS is now on Facebook.
28 February 2019

In an effort for members to become even more engaged with their specific professional community, the Section of ESSKA - AFAS has just launched their own Facebook page.

Be sure to like, follow and comment!

Early bird registration for ESSKA Speciality Days is open.
04 February 2019

ESSKA Members and Section members can save up to 60% when registering now for the upcoming ESSKA Speciality Days.

Update on ESSKA Speciality Days
22 November 2018

The “ESSKA Speciality Days” website is now live where you can view all the latest information on this forthcoming event.

View the scientific programme overview here and view the AFAS section programme here.

Save the Date: ESSKA Speciality Days to be held 8-9 November 2019
15 March 2018

In 2019 ESSKA is launching a brand new meeting concept “ESSKA Speciality Days”. This exciting new format will bring together the four specialist Sections of ESSKA ( AFAS – Ankle and Foot Associates, EKA – European Knee Associates, ESA – European Shoulder Associates and ESMA – European Sports Medicine Associates) and will take place on 8-9 November 2019 in Madrid.

This meeting will offer a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario: There will be four distinct scientific programmes for each Section, there will be zoned areas for networking within the Specialist Sections yet there will be a joint Industry exhibition and many opportunities for networking and educational exchange with your peers from all the Specialist groups.

View the programme overview here. More information will be available in due course.

Mark your calendars now for 8-9 November 2019!

ESSKA-AFAS Advanced Ankle Arthroscopy Course was held recently in Munich
30 November 2017

On 27 and 28 November 2017 ESSKA-AFAS organised an advanced Ankle Arthroscopy in Munich. The course was organised for Foot and Ankle surgeons with a baseline experience in Arthroscopic Techniques around the Ankle. Since many participants are active in the field (case) discussions were lively and very interactive. AFAS believes that such interaction is essential for a successful course; it is not just about teaching the tricks but also about making the indication criteria clear.

The first day of the course focused on advanced techniques in anterior and posterior ankle arthroscopy, with attention for treatment of osteochondral defect, but also arthroscopic fusion techniques. It then ended with a traditional Bavarian Restaurant with authentic food and beverages.

The second day focused on instability and treatment with arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament repairs which could also be extensively tried in the cadaver lab. Other advanced techniques demonstrated and performed by the participant were arthroscopic FHL transfer for chronic Achilles tendon ruptures and tendoscopy of Achilles tendon, peroneal tendon and posterior tibial tendon.

AFAS would like to thank the participants for their active contribution to make this course a success!

Faculty (left to right: Daniel Haverkamp, Thomas Bauer, Mellany Galla, Helder Pereira, James Calder, Niek van Dijk)

Course Dinner

Hands-on course



ESSKA thanks our partner for the support of the ESSKA Advanced Arthroscopy Courses series!

ESSKA-AFAS participates in the International Consensus Meeting on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle
24 November 2017

With ESSKA scientific support, the International Society for Cartilage Repair of the Ankle (ISCRA) organised the International Consensus Meeting on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle on 17-18 November 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

This has been the world’s biggest event on the topic, further enrolling the support of ISAKOS, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Pitt’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

High-level specialists from six continents and 25 countries with a minimum of one PubMed publication connected to the topic participated.

This work on building a consensus around all perspectives on the topic required more than one year of work of around one hundred persons, checking for all available literature, all sources of evidence in 137 initial questions, organised in 11 working groups.

The results of this work was open for further discussion among high-level experts and the final consensus were voted and recorded wherever there was paucity for evidence-based medicine.

This was a unique experience, which we hope to make available on ESSKA’s Academy, and by monograph.

A lot of energy has been invested in this joint venture and AFAS expects a published outcome which we hope can improve clinical practice and guide further research. Cartilage and osteochondral defects of the talus (OCDs) are frequent ankle disorders. In the majority of cases, patients with this pathology have a history of ankle sprains and/or fractures was discussed at the AFAS Open Meeting at Bordeaux. A recent systematic review suggested that as many as 50% of primary OCDs failed by conservative treatment. So, this is a major problem which deserves all our attention. ESSKA-AFAS congratulates Dr John Kennedy (AFAS Board member) and Dr Richard Ferkel who started this ISCRA project, seconded by Dr James Stone.

Dr Freddie Fu was once more extraordinary in receiving this scientific event and all of the participants in his city. Two other local hosts will remain in our hearts: Dr MacCalus Hogand, and a very special THANK YOU for the biggest power engine of this project: Dr. Christopher Murawsky.

This is a relevant problem and this was an important initiative for all our patients, so ESSKA-AFAS was there. AFAS Chairman Hélder Pereira and Vice-Chairman James Calder were part of the organising team but many more ESSKA-AFAS members participated, including board members Dr Pietro Spenacchio and Dr Daniel Haverkamp. Each was proud to contribute.

AFAS discusses Insights in the Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability at the 2017 open meeting
27 October 2017

In September, in Bordeaux, ESSKA-AFAS’s AIG Open Meeting covered “New Insights in the Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability”. This was presented by the Organising Committee of AIG (ESSKA-AFAS’s Ankle Instability Group) under Stephane Guillo.

The programme called upon leading expertise in this field, and the venue - the Palais de La Bourse in Bordeaux - was simply splendid.

We surveyed recent work on lateral ankle instability and, during the live surgery demonstrations, we covered the various techniques for repair and reconstruction of the lateral ligaments complex.

This was followed by a dissection of specimens (this part was video-relayed to the audience) which enabled a discussion of ‘pros and ‘cons for each technique. Even better, the surgeons who developed these techniques were themselves present at the meeting, so the audience could question them directly.

As far as we know, this has never been done before: this type of open scrutiny of new surgical trends.

This was a unique experience, which we hope to make available on ESSKA’s Academy, and by monograph.

This particular meeting assembled 140 people from 36 different countries, which hints at the worldwide influence of ESSKA-AFAS AIG. To view the final programme, go to Activities & Projects / Past Events.

ESSKA-AFAS Pau Golanó Research Fellow 2017
18 January 2017

Francesc Malagelada has been selected to participate in the 2017 ESSKA-AFAS Pau Golanó Research Fellowship. The research topic is titled "The anatomy, histology and biomechanics of the Kager fat pad". Dr Malagelada will start his fellowship in April 2017 under the supervision of Dr James Calder in Fortius Clinic, London, UK.

Congratulations to Dr Malagelada!

25-27 May: AFAS Consensus Meeting to be held in London
18 January 2017

The ESSKA-AFAS consensus meeting 25-27 May 2017 is being convened at Windsor near London. James Calder is hosting this closed meeting to provide a consensus statement on the diagnosis and optimal management of peroneal tendon injuries with particular emphasis on those occurring in soccer. There is great debate on the underlying pathology, treatment and rehabilitation for these injuries and we hope that clarification may enable a speedier return to sports.

The faculty comprises of world experts from Europe, USA and the Far East. Two days wll be spent discussing and debating the current litarture with preparation of a consensus statement for publication in the KSSTA Journal. We then hope to present the findings during an instructional opensession at the ESSKA Congress in Glasgow in 2018.

21-22 September: 2017 AFAS Open Meeting
07 December 2017

The next ESSKA-AFAS Open Meeting will be held in Bordeaux, France on 21-22 September 2017. Details are available on