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Matteo Denti
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ESSKA President 2014-2016        





In 1984, I was only a young resident, but I was already interested in knee surgery, sports traumatology, and arthroscopic surgery. Thus I went to Berlin and attended the first ESKA.

At that meeting Ejnar Eriksson would announce with seeming arrogance, but only to goad his colleagues from the other side of the ocean: “this was first discussed in Europe, and first achieved in Europe.” I liked what he said. I felt proud, I felt European.

It was in this spirit that ESSKA began to take form, and to become a reality. With our two godfathers — Ejnar Eriksson and Werner Muller — we were building our knowledge and our identity. A collective consciousness was being formed.

Werner Muller and John Feagin had a brilliant idea,  to create a traveling fellowship with the Americans, which would unite Europe and America as dignified partners. Immediately three fellows and a godfather left for the USA, and next year in Basel the first American fellows came to Europe.

After 1984 I never missed an ESSKA Congress, and 1992, in Palma de Mallorca, I was honoured to receive, with Alfredo Schiavone Panni, the Theo Van Rens prize for the Best Scientific Paper of the Congress. And our research was published in the very first edition of KSSTA.

Over these years ESSKA has grown under the guidance of its presidents and their Boards — men of vision who have inspired and improved the training of European surgeons.

And over these years the duties of ESSKA’s president and Board have become always more demanding. We’ve come a long way from those the first “amateur-like” efforts of 1983.

Where are we now?
Over recent years ESSKA has expanded rapidly, both in size and influence.
We now have more than 2,600 members, from 89 countries and all continents.
We have active Sections (EKA, AFAS, ESA) and Committees, and we’re affiliated with 26 societies throughout Europe. We have more than 80 fellowship positions and numerous scientific publications, and our journal KSSTA is esteemed throughout the world.

And where must we be in 2016?
We’ve started to “professionalise” ourselves, and consolidate our huge advances. We’ve completely re-organised our administration; with a professional office, a Foundation in Luxembourg, and a new database and website.

But there is much more we can do, to equal the professionalism of our long-term rivals and colleagues in America. We can use the ESSKA Foundation to improve our fundraising, and give us long-term financial security. And we can make the new ESSKA Academy into THE online educational platform, and do the same for the JEO Journal.

ESSKA, my constant companion and my coach throughout life, from residency to presidency.

I hope I shall be equal to this important task and guide ESSKA to prosperous waters!


Matteo Denti
ESSKA President 2014-2016


ESSKA Executive Office Luxembourg
Centre Médical - FNM
76, rue d'Eich | L-1460 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 4411 7026 | Fax: +352 4411 7678

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