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European Shoulder Associates (ESA)
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This section brings together shoulder surgeons. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • share with like-minded practitioners
  • undertake scientific research
  • provide training, through practical courses and publications
  • make shoulder surgery both better and easier



ESA Board 2016-2018

Chairman: Roman Brzôska (Poland)
Past Chairman: Angel Calvo (Spain)
Vice-Chairman: Giuseppe Milano (Italy)
General Secretary: Ladislav Kovacic (Slovenia)
Treasurer: Nikos Tzanakakis (Greece)
Education: Nuno Gomes (Portugal)
Education: Bruno Toussaint (France)
Education: Tom Ludvigsen (Norway)

History of ESA

In 2008, a group of ESSKA enthusiasts formed the Upper Limb Committee (ULC), with Ettore Taverna as their chairman. Their field of surgery had been making dramatic progress and they felt the need for a forum where they could pool their own experiences and then share them with others through practical instruction and publication.

Later, they decided to concentrate on shoulder surgery as this seemed a wise move and for several reasons. Upper-limb surgery was becoming a huge field and beyond the capacity of any given committee. Already there was a trend towards small and specialised groupings, such as for the elbow, wrist and hand. And the committee were themselves mostly shoulder specialists. 

At the same time, and for similar reasons, ULC was instrumental in setting up another specialist group, which later became ESSKA’s Elbow section.

In 2011, ESSKA promoted the committee, granting it full ‘Section’ status. This afforded a welcome opportunity. ULC renamed themselves the “European Shoulder Section” (ESS), and thereby emphasised their broader interest in shoulder pathology. In 2013, there was a further change and ESS became “European Shoulder Associates” (ESA). This brought them at par with ESSKA’s other sections, EKA and AFAS.

Despite these cosmetic changes, however, their early enthusiasm remains unabated.

Upcoming Events

ESA is concerned that the present economic uncertainty might retard orthopaedic praxis, by sealing it within borders. For this reason, their courses are deliberately inclusive and open to every practitioner who wants to keep abreast of recent developments in shoulder arthroscopy. ESA will be staging advanced lectures, cadaver exercises, live surgeries, live anatomy dissections, ‘Private Mentor Meetings’ and ‘Decision Days’.

From 2015, ESA’s biennial event is held on odd years, and sandwiched between ESSKA’s biennial Congresses. The official name will be the “European Shoulder Arthroscopy Meeting” (“ESAM”). This will be our official section meeting, rather than a local event, and more scientific than educational.

Local events, supported by ESA or under the ESA’s auspices will have more educational character (workshops, cadaveric Lab, live dissections etc).

Check back here for more details to be posted soon.

ESA Membership

All orthopaedic surgeons are welcome to join ESA. Our Section is open to new ideas, knowledge and scientific work. The idea is to create a very scientific and friendly group of people who share a common target — improving their skills and knowledge about Upper Limb Surgery.

To qualify for ESA you must:

  • Be a member of ESSKA (you can apply here)
  • Consider yourself a specialist on the shoulder, or intend to specialise on the shoulder
  • Have the shoulder as your main area of clinical practice and scientific work
  • Fill in the online ESA Application Form

What is the fee? The annual ESA membership fee is EUR 50.

Do I qualify? To qualify for ESA you must be an ESSKA member.

How to apply: Fill in the online ESA Application Form.


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