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Arthroscopy Committee

2018-2020 Members

Vincenzo Condello (Italy)
Pablo Gelber (Spain)
Karl-Heinz Frosch (Germany)
Jorge Chahla (US)
James Robinson (UK)
Koen Lagae (Belgium)
Brett Fritsch (Australia)
Manuel Leyes (Spain)
Björn Barenius (Sweden)
Nicolas Pujol (France)
Thomas Tischer (Germany)
Corrado Bait (Italy)
Mark Strauss (Norway)
Kristian Samuelsson (Sweden)
Alberto Grassi (Italy)
Sven Scheffler (Germany)
Marco Bonomo (Italy)
Christian Hoser (Austria)
Karl Eriksson (Sweden)
Adrian Wilson (UK)
Martin Wyman Rathcke (Denmark)


ESSKA Executive Office Luxembourg
Centre Médical - FNM
76, rue d'Eich | L-1460 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 4411 7026 | Fax: +352 4411 7678

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