ESSKA-ESMA brings together the various disciplines of sports medicine, including orthopaedic surgeons, sports-doctors, physical therapists, sports-scientists, and others. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • attempt an interdisciplinary collaboration, on the most important problems of health care for athletes, especially injuries
  • create working groups, each with a specific topic or a specific sport, and each with an "Ambassador", who connects with the appropriate Sports Federation
  • organise joint events with these federations
  • publish or otherwise disseminate the practicable results

Board 2016-2018

Chairman: Hermann Mayr (Germany)
Deputy Chairman: Karl-Peter Benedetto (Austria)
Secretary: Mirco Herbort (Germany)
Member of Financial Committee: Henrique Jones (Portugal)
Co-ordinators of “Ambassadors”:Jose Huylebroek (Belgium), Andrey Korolev (Russia)
Education Secretary: Werner Krutsch (Germany)
Board Members:
Gian Luigi Canata (Italy)
Gernot Felmet (Germany)
Jacques Menetrey (Switzerland)
Jan Ekstrand (Sweden)
Christian Fink (Austria)
Anja Hirschmüller (Germany)
Hubert (Sr) Hörterer (Germany)
Lior Laver (Israel)
Floren Colloud (France)
Michal Najfeld (Germany)
Michael Carmont (UK)
Nicolas Lefevre (France)
Patricia Thoreux (France)


European Sports Medicine Associates (ESMA), a Section of ESSKA, evolved from ESSKA's Sports Committee and was established on 5 May 2016.

2016-2018 Chairman - Hermann Mayr


Message from the Chairman 

Dear Members and Friends,

ESMA, ESSKA’s youngest section, was founded in the summer of 2016 during the Barcelona congress.

Our idea is to gain synergy from the co-operation of physicians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and trainers from high-performance sports in order to develop the best possible prevention and therapy concepts for sports injuries and for "back to sports".

All these professional groups are, therefore, represented in ESMA — this is the best way to implement evidence-based concepts.

ESMA “Ambassadors” represent the Section in sports federations in order to work together with high-performance sports. So far, we are represented at various sports congresses and sporting events such as the IOC World Conference and the Isokinetic Barcelona-Football Medicine Conference 2017.

We are planning four symposia in co-operation with sports associations for the ESSKA Congress 2018 in Glasgow.

Previously, we have published a book on "Prevention of Injuries and Overuse in Sports". Our next project is to edit the book titled "Back to Sports".

The first ESMA Open Meeting will take place in Munich, Germany, on 3-4 November 2017. In line with the  ESMA  spirit,  the  meeting  is  especially  designed  for  all  disciplines  of  sports  medicine. Physicians,  sport  traumatologists,  physiotherapists,  sport  scientists,  coaches  and  sports  managers  are  all  welcome  to  participate in this  pioneering  meeting where the programme will address topics relevant and of interest, to all these disciplines and professions.

The motto of our 2017 congress is "Stop Sport Injuries-Back to Sports". Everyone active in our field is welcome in the section, which is composed of these sports affiliates.

Yours sincerely,

Hermann Mayr
2016-2018 ESMA Chairman