ESSKA-AFAS brings together the key figures in sports-related ankle and foot pathology, with a special focus on arthroscopy. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • create the best environment for research
  • ensure that discoveries and best-techniques are disseminated
  • improve the profile of sports-related ankle and foot practitioners
  • enforce professional standards, thus ensuring the best care for patients with sports-related ankle and foot injuries

Board 2016-2018

Chairman: Hélder Pereira (Portugal)
Past Chairman: Niek van Dijk (The Netherlands)
Vice-Chairman: James Calder (United Kingdom)
General Secretary: Daniël Haverkamp (The Netherlands)
Treasurer: Pietro Spennachio (Italy)
Educational Secretary: Ákos Kynsburg (Austria)
Board members:
John Kennedy (USA)
Stephane Guillo (France)
Xavier Martin Oliva (Spain)


Ankle and Foot Associates (AFAS), a Section of ESSKA, was established in 2010.

2010-2016 Chairman – Niek van Dijk (The Netherlands)

2016-2018 Chairman – Hélder Pereira (Portugal)


Message from the Chairman 

Dear ESSKA and ESSKA-AFAS members,
Dear Colleagues,

Across the world, there is growing interest in arthroscopy, as applied to  Foot and Ankle surgery. And there are other technological advances, which suggest clinical applications and research projects. The Board of ESSKA-AFAS is keeping abreast of all this, with its 2016-2018 programme. We are focusing on Education and Research, but covering the most recent advances.


 We have recently embraced two research groups: the ESSKA-AFAS Achilles Tendon Study Group (under Paul Ackermann and Michael Carmont) and the ESSKA-AFAS Ankle Instability Group (under Stephane Guillo).

Our projects include a consensus-meeting on peroneal tendon disorders, and an open-meeting on ankle instability. Both will gather experts from across the world, and both will publish in KSSTA. We also have joint ventures with European and American Universities; research projects, and books in preparation.

New ESSKA cadaver lab courses, organised or supported by the AFAS section, will also be announced through the ESSKA website.

Once again, we received applicants for the Pau Golano Research Fellowship. Amongst excellent proposals, we selected a project entitled: “The anatomy, histology and biomechanics of the Kager fat pad.”

Much effort is being devoted to these ventures, but we are always aware that ESSKA-AFAS is dedicated to YOU!

Feel free to bring and present your ideas. We are always open to receive and support new proposals and projects. This is our mission.

We are counting with each and every one of you to build the next generation of foot and ankle surgeons.

Yours sincerely,

Hélder Pereira
ESSKA-AFAS Chairman 2016-2018