The Romanian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Trauma

was founded in 2008 by a group of 18 orthopaedic surgeons co-ordinated by Dr Doru Filipescu and Dr Ioan-Cristian Stoica.

The work of SRATS

It aims to continuously develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of arthroscopy and sports trauma. To achieve this, its activities include:
• stimulating and providing optimal conditions to transmit theoretical and practical knowledge in this field;
• organising courses, conferences, national and international congresses;
• developing scientific research;
• producing and distribution magazines and other publications as well as creating a database with activity-specific content;
• granting specialty scholarships;
• Cooperating with orthopaedics and traumatology societies with similar goals around the world.
In 2014, SRATS initiated a thorough reform process by creating a modern website, taking the first steps towards providing its members access to an online database.

The current Board:

• Dr Ioan Cristian Stoica – President
• Dr Rodica Marinescu – Vice-President
• Dr Doru Filipescu – Ex-President
• Dr Crisitna Patru – Educational Secretary
• Dr Nicolae Gheorghiu – Treasurer
• Dr Stefan Mogos – General Secretary


Bd. Ferdinand 35-37, District 2
Bucharest, Romania


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