European Knee Associates

The goal of EKA, a Section of ESSKA, is to group European key opinion leaders in the field of the
degenerative knee.

The main four goals of ESSKA-EKA are:

1)     Advance the knowledge of the degenerative knee pathology and knee arthroplasty.
2)     Provide an appropriate educational setting to improve knowledge and treatment of the arthritic knee
3)     Enhance education, research and treatment
4)     Promote professional standards for the best care to patients

We are looking forward to spread the European expertise and improve treatment of the arthritic knee patient by knowledge exchange, education and research.

EKA Board 2016-2018

Chairman: Roland Becker (Germany)
Vice-Chairman: Nanne Kort (The Netherlands)
General Secretaries: Michael Hirschmann (Switzerland), Maurilio Marcacci (Italy)

Education: Alfredo Schiavone Panni (Italy)
Education: Simon Donell (United Kingdom)
Membership: Reha Tandogan (Turkey)
Membership: Bruno Violante (Italy)
Research: Antonia Chen (USA)
Research: Oliver Kessler (Switzerland)
Fellowships: José Filipe Salreta (Portugal)
Fellowships: Guillaume Demey (France)

EKA regularly organises courses for qualified surgeons. Below are details about the upcoming courses:

ESSKA-EKA Basic Knee Arthroplasty Course – 20-21 October 2016 – Lisbon, Portugal

The ESSKA-EKA Basic Knee Arthroplasty Course is a comprehensive 1½-day course covering principles and technique of knee arthroplasty for surgeons who want to perform or are performing knee joint replacement surgery with assistance and are eager to become independent operators.

Registration is now open. Click here for more information.

ESSKA-EKA Basic Knee Arthroplasty Course 2017 – Istanbul, Turkey

Detailed information about the event will be posted closer to the date.

EKA Membership

EKA requires accomplished orthopaedic-surgeons or research scientists, who wish to improve their orthopaedic surgical knowledge of the degenerative knee joint, and of knee arthroplasty, through special studies, writings, lectures, etc.

To qualify for EKA you must:

  • Be/become a member of ESSKA
  • Consider yourself a specialist on the knee, or intend to specialise on the knee
  • Have the degenerative knee as your main area of clinical practice and scientific work
  • Fill in the application form (see below)

Requirements for EKA members:

  • Actively contribute to EKA research projects, EKA meetings and other EKA activities
  • Attend at least one out of every three EKA closed and open meetings
  • Be prepared to work, as a reviewer for KSSTA, the official clinical journal of ESSKA, at a rate of up to six reviews per year
  • Duly pay your membership fees (ESSKA fee of 140 Euros and EKA section fee of 50 Euros)

How to Apply

If you consider that you meet the above requirements please send the following to ESSKA Sections Administrator, Mrs Anna Hansen Rak ():

  • completed EKA Membership Application Form (see below)
  • your CV

Selection Procedure

Your application will be considered by the EKA Board and you will be informed by the ESSKA Office within three months.

If you are approved, you will receive an EKA Membership Certificate.

EKA Membership Fee

The annual EKA membership fee is 50 Euros.

Whom should you contact in case of queries

Please contact our Sections Administrator, Mrs Anna Hansen Rak ().


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